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Freedom from Addiction

Freedom from drug addiction and alcoholism begins on our spacious 17 acre main campus.

Restoring Relationships

Our residential recovery programs teach men how to repair and restore the relationships that matter most.

Having Fun in Recovery

Our guests learn to engage the world and enjoy a sober way of living.

Long-Term Recovery Programs

Long-term recovery program guests practice and apply recovery principles that revolutionize their attitudes and perspectives.

Residential Recovery Programs in TN | Discovery Place

Discovery Place is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping men find sustained sobriety from drug addiction and alcoholism. Conveniently located outside Nashville, Tennessee, in one of the most recognized areas nationwide for quality recovery, we offer 30-day residential recovery programs and long-term residential programs with the sole purpose of bringing about the miracle of sobriety in every guest who walks through our doors. Our recovery programs for drug addiction and alcoholism draw exclusively from the only medically proven method for sustained sobriety: the 12 steps.

We guide men through the 12 steps as outlined in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Men are thoroughly and compassionately introduced to 12 steps recovery by staff and volunteers, all of whom are in recovery. This program model of addiction rehab proves incredibly effective: over a three year period, 61% of all our guests and 74% of those who participate in our Continuing Care Program report they are sober after one year. And our studies, in partnership with Baptist Healing Trust, include all of our guests. We don't "cherrypick."

Discovery Place is not a traditional drug rehab or alcohol rehab center. We are, instead, a 12 step recovery retreat for men and families seeking lasting freedom from drug addiction and alcoholism. Because we are a nonprofit, and we are aided by so many volunteers, you will find our residential recovery programs effective and affordable. 

Regardless of you or your loved one's addiction, pick up the phone and call us today. Our admissions team is friendly, knowledgeable and non-commissioned. The call is free, and we will transport you or your loved one free of charge within a 500 mile radius of our facility once admission is secured.

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Discovery Place Contact Information

  • Confidential, toll-free admissions number 1.800.725.0922
  • Main campus front desk 615.740.8600
  • Physical address 1635 Spencer Mill Road, Burns, TN 37029

Discovery Place Sober Blog

The day has arrived. You’ve put in the work. You’ve stayed sober. Now it’s time for a little rest and relaxation. Maybe something on the beach in Florida? Perhaps something more tropical? Or maybe you want something “outdoorsy”, like a trip to Yellowstone. If recovery has been especially generous, Europe could be a possibility.
I can't imagine why organizations devoted to helping those with substance abuse and other mental health issues have endured an all-out media blitzkrieg. Sober fellowships require no compensation other than a desire to get clean. Their rooms are open to anyone in need of help. They don't attack other methods used to help those with alcoholism and drug addiction. They exist to foster support, not criticism, for those seeking lasting recovery.
15 witty responses that will show you how to turn down a drink with humor, finesse, style or awkwardness.