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Rehab and Medicare: The Ultimate Guide to Addiction Treatment for Seniors with Medicare

Are you in need of addiction treatment? Do you have Medicare? Use our guide to uncover treatment options for yourself or a loved one.

26 Mar 2015 Written by bdinker In

Future of Addiction Treatment

Bill Dinker, Discovery Place's Director of Admissions, highlights some of the latest developments and research in the world of addiction treatment. 

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Heroin Addiction

Heroin Addiction and Opiate Addiction: Recovery is Possible!

Somehow, I managed to graduate college after ten years of trying. I thought if I got a degree, my problems would be resolutely solved. I was wrong. My oxycodone use became daily, and by 2011, I was introduced to heroin.

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Long Term Program Research

Drug Addiction and Alcoholism: Long-Term Recovery Programs

This means, especially for families looking to get help for a loved one afflicted with drug addiction and/or alcoholism, that to offer the best chance for a life free from addiction, long-term treatment is the way to go.

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Marijuana Withdrawal

Marijuana Withdrawal - When Cheech and Chong Goes Wrong

For someone like me who smoked wizard pot like Gandalf for over a decade, marijuana withdrawal symptoms were inevitable.

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