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First Aid Kit

Rehab and Medicaid: The Ultimate Guide to Medicaid Addiction Treatment

This guide contains everything you need to know about getting addiction treatment with Medicaid. 

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Rehab and Medicare: The Ultimate Guide to Addiction Treatment for Seniors with Medicare

Are you in need of addiction treatment? Do you have Medicare? Use our guide to uncover treatment options for yourself or a loved one.

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Future of Addiction Treatment

Bill Dinker, Discovery Place's Director of Admissions, highlights some of the latest developments and research in the world of addiction treatment. 

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New Wears Off

Addiction Recovery: When the New Wears Off

Pink clouds should be ridden as long as possible. I never want to deter a man early in his sobriety from experiencing the joy, excitement, elation, and serenity that comes with that first and most wonderful new-found contact with both Alcoholics Anonymous and his concept of a Power greater than himself. But pink clouds don’t last.

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Marijuana Withdrawal

Marijuana Withdrawal - When Cheech and Chong Goes Wrong

For someone like me who smoked wizard pot like Gandalf for over a decade, marijuana withdrawal symptoms were inevitable.