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New Wears Off

Addiction Recovery: When the New Wears Off

Pink clouds should be ridden as long as possible. I never want to deter a man early in his sobriety from experiencing the joy, excitement, elation, and serenity that comes with that first and most wonderful new-found contact with both Alcoholics Anonymous and his concept of a Power greater than himself. But pink clouds don’t last.

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5 Tips for Family and Friends of an Opiate Addict

After working with families and close friends of opiate addicts in the most difficult stage of addiction (4th stage), I’ve noticed one primary characteristic present: negative enabling. Consistent exposure to active addiction has the potential to make the most stable person somewhat neurotic. Often, I see family and friends desperately trying to “sober up” the active opiate addict. These efforts almost always meet with failure because the most effective way to deal with an active opiate addict is often “counter-intuitive.”

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DP Alum Philip Lee Wins Capital City Pro Golf Tournament

Discovery Place alumni Philip Lee wins a prestigious local golf tournament!

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Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Rehabs

I work in the Admissions Department for a Nashville-area recovery center, and I'm also in recovery from alcoholism and opiate addiction. These two qualifications give me a unique perspective when it comes to considering drug treatment options for yourself or your loved one.

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Drug Addict and Alcoholic Pecking Order

For as long as I have been around Alcoholics Anonymous, there has been a perceived, unspoken "pecking order" regarding drugs and alcohol.

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