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AA Symbol

Drug Addict and Alcoholic Pecking Order

For as long as I have been around Alcoholics Anonymous, there has been a perceived, unspoken "pecking order" regarding drugs and alcohol.

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Baptist Healing Trust

Baptist Healing Trust and the Community Resource Center Extend a Helping Hand

The Baptist Healing Trust (BHT) collaborated with the Community Resource Center (CRC) to donate a great deal of beautiful and much needed furniture to Discovery Place.

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Even Socrates Was a Drunk

One of the most prevalent stereotypes amongst many, including those new to sobriety, is a rather repugnant conception regarding the physical characteristics or appearance of addicts and alcoholics. Through the course of many conversations, I've heard folks propogate the notion of the alcoholic as a beggar on the streets toting a bottle-shaped brown paper bag.

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Fellowship Night

Fellowship Night at Discovery Place- Addiction Recovery with Friends - Video

If you can't have fun in sobriety, you probably won't stay sober. In an effort to engage and offer healthy recreational options to the Middle Tennessee sober community, Discovery Place created Fellowship Night. This free event offers those in recovery, young and old, the opportunity to get together and enjoy each other's company in a safe, welcoming environment.

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Addiction Research

The 12 Steps in Medical Research

I recently read some information provided by a treatment facility in the South that stated non-12 step treatment modalities were more effective than traditional 12 step treatment programs. Unfortunately, misinformation like this abounds on the internet. While it is true some studies have called 12 step treatment programs into question, the majority of research overwhelmingly affirms the effectiveness of 12 step recovery programs.