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Nashville Top Sober City

According to data compiled by the Daily Beast, Nashville is one of the premiere cities for recovery in the United States. As someone who has been involved in the Middle Tennessee recovery community for awhile now, I'm not surprised. The article even goes as far as calling us the "soberest city in the US!"

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Mindfulness Meditation

Drug Addiction and Mindfulness Meditation

The fog was just beginning to clear. After three weeks battling very acute heroin withdrawals, I was finally starting to feel a measure of physical relief. Unfortunately, my mental health continued to suffer. At the long-term recovery program house, Dave Smith, a mindfulness meditation instructor from Against the Stream Nashville, gathered us together for a group.

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Addiction United States

America in Addiction

Find out where your state ranks with the America in Addiction infographic. Using data from SAMHSA studies, each state is given a rank with regards to alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, pain killer and cigarette use.

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Rock Bottom

Ending Rock Bottom - Precovery and Sustained Sobriety

I've spent hundreds of hours combing the internet for incredible, recovery-related articles. Recently, I stumbled across a jewel admist the junk. Bill White, preeminent addiction researcher, wrote an article concerning "Precovery." Before you dismiss this term as medical mumbo-jumbo, know that Mr. White believes unpacking this addiction stage through evidence-based studies possesses the potential to trim painful "bottoms" experienced by alcoholics and drug addicts.

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Opiate Odyssey: Experiences of a Painkiller Addict

As is the case with countless others, my own opiate odyssey began as a teen after my wisdom teeth were removed. At least, that’s the first time I can presently recall taking more pain medication than prescribed and thoroughly enjoying the experience. (Actually, that characterization only begins to describe my early affection for opiates, which the addict in me felt sure represented the elixir for all my ills from shyness and inhibition to depression.)