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Alcoholic Powerless

Powerless: How I Ended Up in Drug Rehab at Discovery Place

My initial exposure to the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous was back in 1991 or so as a 28-day guest of a residential treatment center in Memphis, Tennessee; however, as an extremely immature young man a couple of years out of college, my commitment to clean and sober living did not really take. As it turned out, I was not nearly ready to fully admit to what turned out to be a very real powerlessness in my still-blooming relationship with alcohol and drugs.

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Opiates And The Brain

Opiate Addiction Detox: Don't Poop Your Pants

Sweat poured off my body and I lay curled in bed, shaking uncontrollably. Physically, I looked like I’d just come back from a long-term stay with Bear Gryll’s in the wild. The “unabomber” became a nickname of choice for people who knew me during that transitory period of my life. Late that night, a nurse practitioner walked into my room and said, “We haven’t seen heroin withdrawals like this in years.”

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Mindfulness Meditation

Drug Addiction and Mindfulness Meditation

The fog was just beginning to clear. After three weeks battling very acute heroin withdrawals, I was finally starting to feel a measure of physical relief. Unfortunately, my mental health continued to suffer. At the long-term recovery program house, Dave Smith, a mindfulness meditation instructor from Against the Stream Nashville, gathered us together for a group.

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The 7th Step of the 12 Step Process of Recovery: What is Humility?

The seventh step of Alcoholics Anonymous urges us to embrace pursuit of humility as a fundamental aspect of staying sober. Humility is equally vital on the path towards a useful, happy life. Yet AA and NA meeting participants often struggle when trying to define humility. The modern world tends to associate humility with weakness, or at the least, an almost passive mode of existence. But is humility the way of weakness?

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Reddit Helps People Get Sober and Stay Sober

...for almost two years now, I’ve devoted a considerable amount of energy to Reddit’s sobriety community. This replaced my penchant for finding sketchy subreddits. The following subreddits are devoted to sobriety and recovery from drug addiction and/or alcoholism. These are listed in order of popularity, measured by the amount of subscribers.

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