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Sober Family

My Son Has a Drug Problem

I can still see my mother’s face when I came clean with the truth about my penchant for long-sleeved shirts in the summer. My family knew something was awry. They watched before as addiction took me tumbling down an abyss. The illness progressed rapidly in my mid-20s, and now, coming up on 30 years old, it had me down for the count.

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Relapse Warning Signs

3 Serious Warnings Signs of Relapse

Relapse in the sober world is a lot like a presidential election. Choose the wrong candidate and you're in for years of crap. But many recovery folks don’t know relapse warning signs. If you don’t know what to watch, then you’re likely to get caught in the clutches.

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Sobriety First Year

The First Year of Sobriety | 4 Tips for Success

It took two relapses after 6 months sober and a host of other negative consequences to finally get me serious about sobriety. And by negative consequences, I mean multiple arrests, a high-speed police chase, job loss and devastated family. But hey, it takes what it takes, right?

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Sober Sagas

Sober Sagas | Low Stakes Living and High Stakes Poker

My first underground poker game was held off one of Nashville's main thoroughfares. This poker game sat next to a small Asian restaurant. With a nervous stride and General Tao wafting through the air, I approached the door.

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Recovery Quote

10 Incredible Recovery Quotes

It’s so easy to get bogged down when life gets tough. When the world starts throwing me curveballs, my instincts scream, “Run!” This quote reminds me to keep my feet moving, not kicking. By recognizing struggles are impermanent and resistance counterproductive, I begin to break the chains of challenge.