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Nashville Top Sober City

Nashville Top Sober City

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Nashville Recovery City

Good grief, we didn't have any idea the "soberest city in the U.S." according to data compiled by the Daily Beast, is Nashville, TN. But if the data is correct, that's exactly what Nashville can claim.

Huffington Post also cites Nashville as a top ten sober city (Nashville is slide 6 of 12). And Discovery Place has always known that Music City is home to a world-class recovery community.

Nashville also holds a reputation as a "big city with a small city climate" because we're so darn friendly in the South. But with 280+ meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous in Nashville, it's no wonder we stay sober in the Guitar Town. Big 12 step meetings around town like Back Room Group and Primetime, where Discovery Place guests attend on a weekly basis, are electric. If you're lucky, you might even catch a famous musician or movie star in attendance.

Even my mom, a very spiritually-oriented lady but not in recovery, loves to attend. The men and women in these groups, many in long-term recovery, are beacons of hope for newcomers. Additionally, Discovery Place has found a healthy, thriving sober community vital to sustained sobriety. It is also critical to enjoying "high quality recovery," where an alcoholic or addict can honestly profess being "happy, joyous and free." 

Staying Sober and Having Fun in the Soberest City

To stay sober, you must have fun (it's hard, I know). This often neglected ingredient to healthy recovery certainly applies to Discovery Place residential recovery program guests and staff. Just look at our Facebook page; at Discovery Place, we know how to have fun sober! Music City USA definitely affords our guests and alumni the opportunity to engage a wide range of fun, fulfilling activities. Yes, we have music (and not just country). But there's so much more to this town than its twang. 

Nashville is also home to the Tennnessee Titans (NFL football team), the Nashville Predators (NHL team), incredible concerts, a thriving economic climate (we are ranked #2 for jobs in Forbes magazine), top-notch universities (Vanderbilt, Belmont, Lipscomb, Aquinas, Trevecca, Middle Tennessee State University), top-rated hospitals and food so good (Fleming's, Kayne Prime, Samurai Sushi, Pharmacy Burgers, Prince's Hot Chicken),you might pack on a pound or two. Who wouldn't love getting sober in Nashville?

Nashville Recovery City Concert

Nashville Top City for Quality of Life

Now before you go thinking I'm gushing a little too much about Nashville, consider this article from Forbes magazine appropriately entitled Nashville is Nowville...And Has Been for Awhile.

Paul Jankowski writes, "The nation’s eye has turned to this Heartland city as one of the most promising places to live and work." So you don't even have to be interested in sobriety to move here.

As someone raised in this town, I enjoy a certain sense of pride knowing our beloved Nashvegas is finally gaining the recognition it deserves. The South's best-kept geographic secret isn't so secret anymore. Whether you want to get sober or find a new career, Nashville is definitely a city to consider. Come visit and find out why!

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