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Oregon Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Recovery Resources

Discovery Place accomodates guests from Oregon to our highly effective, surprisingly affordable residential drug and alcohol rehab and recovery programs.  If you or a family member is serious about getting help for problems relating to alcohol or drug abuse, our Admissions team will do everything possible to ensure you or your loved one connects with Discovery Place support as soon as possible.

Decades of experience in recovery has made clear the necessity for our guests to distance themselves from “old playmates, playgrounds and playthings.” This recovery-related nugget of wisdom was born out of years of experience from people immersed in Twelve-Step programs. Almost invariably, men who returned to the same city and mixed with the same people soon relapsed.

The Discovery Place recovery community in Dickson and Nashville, Tennessee is second to none. Discovery Place alumni in early sobriety share a close connection with others in the sober-living community based on relationships cultivated during their initial thirty-day stay. Former guests, especially those commencing from our long-term recovery program, often choose to live for a time in close proximity to Discovery Place; after all, there’s a vibrant recovery community here in the Dickson and Nashville, Tennessee area. Many of these men volunteer at Discovery Place, live together in recovery homes, and learn to live life in increasingly fulfilling ways.

In short, the strong community spirit at Discovery Place provides an encouraging environment: a place where men learn to become better friends, husbands, brothers, and truly productive, functional members of society. Without surroundings that include such community ethos, we have found true recovery to be virtually impossible.  Effective, affordable residential drug and alcohol rehab and recovery programs are not easy to find in Oregon; however, Discovery Place stands ready to impart a process of recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism that truly works.

Please call our confidential, toll-free Admissions number to speak with a Discovery Place representative: 1.800.725.0922

Oregon DUI Resources

The consequences of alcoholism and drug addiction can be devastating for both user and family.  If you have experienced legal consequences from substance abuse, you should determine whether you may suffer from the disease of alcoholism and addiction

Many second-offense DUI convictions allow a 30 day residential program in lieu of jail.  Some of our guests choose a 30 day stay at Discovery Place as a welcomed alternative to an extended period of incarceration.  Read more about DUI Penalties in Oregon.  Search for DUI attorneys in Oregon.

Oregon Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Recovery Resources

The 12 step programs of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous (NA in Portland, NA in Southern Oregon, NA in other areas of Oregon) and Al-Anon family recovery programs are vital to long-term recovery.  Listed below are links to find meetings of these groups in Oregon.  There is no charge to attend any of these meetings.  Studies have shown those who engage in 12 step recovery meetings as part of a continued program of action-oriented recovery stay sober and enjoy a multitude of positive life benefits.

Alcoholics Anonymous Symbol

Newcomers are the lifeblood of recovery meetings.  Without newcomers, recovery meetings would evaporate.  If you are new to recovery, please know you are needed and accepted in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Al-Anon family groups.

Many newcomers who are able to overcome the mental blocks to persistent attendance at recovery meetings find an incredible fellowship of friends and develop relationships that last a lifetime.  Fear and resentment are the two primary obstacles to continued participation in the fellowships of recovery.  Those individuals who do not let these negative emotions impede their sobriety become active, useful and welcoming participants in the rooms of recovery.  Reach out to the people you feel are living recovery in word and action.  Know that by asking them for help, you are helping their recovery.

Other recovery resources for sustained sobriety are listed below, including links to recovery literature and associations devoted to helping those afflicted with alcohol and drug addictions.  If you or a loved one are in need of an introduction  to recovery, these organizations and resources are an excellent way to begin a life free from addiction.


New Hampshire 12 Step Recovery Meetings

  • Find meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous in Oregon
  • Find meetings of Narcotics Anonymous in Portland
  • Find meetings of Narcotics Anonymous in Southern Oregon
  • Find meetings of Narcotics Anonymous in other areas of Oregon
  • Find meetings of Al-Anon Family Groups in Oregon

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

The big book of Alcoholics Anonymous outlines the 12 step program of recovery.  It tells the story of the co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith.  Also including in the literature, recovered alcoholics from various backgrounds detail their personal stories of struggles with alcoholism and triumph through 12 step recovery.  This book is credited with starting modern recovery from substance abuse, and hundreds of addiction-related recovery groups have incorporated the big book’s 12 step philosophy of action.

Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

Oregon Addictions and Mental Health Services

Oregon Addictions and Mental Health Services offers Access to Recovery, a choice of clinical and recovery-support services to individuals seeking recovery. It is designed to increase an individual's access to services and create a recovery oriented system of care comprised of clinical, community-based and faith-based services.

Oregon Alcohol and Drug Counselors Directory

This drug addiction and alcoholism counselor directory provides a comprehensive list for licensed drug and alcohol counselors in Oregon.  This website also features counselors and therapists who specialize in interrelated disciplines.  If you suffer from alcoholism or addiction and are hesitate to seek help, please contact one of these professionals for guidance.  The list also serves as a resource for family and friends of alcoholics and addicts who would like to explore therapeutic remedies for their own emotional and mental well-being.

Please call our confidential, toll-free admissions number to speak with a Discovery Place representative: 1.800.725.0922

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