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Unfortunately, many treatment centers create lots of fake reviews. These are easily spotted when the account writing the review has little/no history of activity. Fortunately, all of our reviews on our Facebook page are certified real. You can even reach out to them on Facebook to see for yourself. These reviews were written by alumni, families and friends of alumni and alumni-employees.

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Programs | Discovery Place Nashville, TN

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The Essence of Discovery Place

At its very core, Discovery Place exists to guide men from the depths of addiction to the joy of recovery.

Our Mission

Discovery Place is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing affordable drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs for men. Our experienced staff introduces each guest and his family to the principles of the 12 step recovery program in a beautiful countryside setting. We believe these principles-honesty, perseverence, discipline, tolerance and love-are the foundation for a sober, happy, useful and whole life.

30-Day Residential Addiction Recovery Program

Perhaps you're hesitant of entering an alcohol and drug rehab center. Maybe you’ve had friends enter treatment, only to relapse. You might have been to drug rehabilitation before too, only to experience relapse. Then, in the face of what you thought was failure, asked yourself why?

There’s a horrible prejudice against the word “rehab.” At Discovery Place, we know why. We’ve heard it on the phone with family members a thousand times. They all say the same thing, “Our loved one went to treatment, and it didn’t work.”