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The Essence of Discovery Place - Video by Shae Foundation

Drug Rehab Alternative to Ineffective Addiction Treatment Centers

Discovery Place operates like no other facility in the United States. Through partnership with some of the South’s top private practice providers and an engaging 12 step-immersion program, we offer the highest level of care for the most affordable cost. Period.

Our program combines the best of both worlds. We offer evidence-based practices through partnership with an extensive professional network and a dynamic introduction to the 12 steps.

We’re about to suggest something no other center will. Do your homework. Research and talk to multiple facilities. But we know the best therapeutic providers reside in private practice. And we also know 12 step recovery is the key element in continuing care.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s more important what you do post-treatment than the program itself. For these reasons, a thriving alumni community is essential to transitional recovery. Transitional recovery occurs after the initial treatment process is complete.

In an effort to cultivate an incredible alumni presence in the Middle Tennessee community, Discovery Place offers free continuing care. You or your loved one can further your sobriety through participation in our day program. Alumni-volunteers take on leadership roles as mentors and friends.

What happens if our alumni start to struggle? As long as alums call us prior to return to active substance abuse, they may return to campus, free of charge, for a one week renewal program. It’s our way of preventing relapse and keeping our program participants healthy.

No other center offers this. Between the highest quality therapeutic providers, and one of the most famous cities to get sober in the nation, Music City (Nashville, TN), we’re the best kept recovery secret in the nation.

Discover why our alumni continue to return to the facility. Learn about our bleeding-edge recovery program. Find out why we’re the only five-star rated drug and alcohol recovery center in Tennessee. Wondering why we’ve been featured in national media outlets like the Huffington Post?  

One, we’re a nonprofit organization. That means you get a better program for an incredibly affordable price. Why go to a facility for 30 days, when you can receive the most electric introduction to substance abuse recovery for 90 days at Discovery Place?

Why go to drug rehab in a city with few opportunities for building a fulfilling, purposeful and happy life? Nashville offers the city most suitable to cultivating a new life in sobriety. Thriving recovery community? Check. Phenomenal 30, 60 and 90-day programs? Check. Rapidly growing economy? Check.

Even if there’s trouble finding employment, men who demonstrate an exceptional desire to change earn employment at Discovery Place. Many employees began their journey to long-term sobriety in our 30-day residential program. Their transformational experience in our program, combined with high quality, long-term recovery, allows alumni-staff to connect with active program participants.

For individuals requiring a long-term recovery program, our extended care property blends the best of country living with a versatile, transitional long-term recovery program. Men learn accountability that comes with living sober through the guidance of staff, available 24 hours a day.

With a maximum capacity of 12 men in our long-term program and 24 in our 30-day program, Discovery Place brings the personal touch often lacking in big bed corporate addiction treatment networks. The serene scenes of Southern countryside offset the exuberant, big city Middle Tennessee recovery community.

Our private practice therapeutic providers bring evidence-based modalities to address trauma, grief, anxiety and depression often present in the past of substance abusers. With extensive experience in addiction recovery, each provider offers a unique personality and skillset. That also means you and your loved one enjoy choices. You’re not locked into an often randomly-assigned treatment center therapist.

Finally, the engaging introduction to 12 step recovery. Continuing care is essential to lasting sobriety. Every single research study suggests participation in self-help groups significantly improves outcomes. Speaking of outcomes, make sure to ask other treatment centers on your list of candidates about outcomes.

“What you don’t know, you can’t manage.” It’s an old saying that uniquely applies to the addiction treatment industry. Most facilities cannot tell you how many of their alumni succeed. Even the centers that conduct studies often unethically design the research to generate unbelievable statistics. It’s safe to say, if a treatment center is reporting over 80% success, they’re lying. Or they might say, “our success rate is 100% for the ones that practice what we teach.”

Read our outcomes and how we conduct our studies. 61% of our alumni report continuous sobriety in their first year outside of Discovery Place. That’s success you won’t find at other drug rehab centers in Tennessee or in the South.

All these elements combine to give Discovery Place an incredible reputation. Talk to our alumni and call our admissions line for more information. Each admissions coordinator started as guests of our program. Traditional treatment centers call them patients. To us, you or your loved one are guests. And at Discovery Place, we’re here to serve you.

It’s no wonder most of our alumni remain sober and transition into long-term sobriety. Learn why recovery begins with Discovery. Call Tennessee’s top drug and alcohol recovery program now!

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