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Perhaps you're hesitant of entering an alcohol and drug rehab center. Maybe you’ve had friends enter treatment, only to relapse. You might have been to drug rehabilitation before too, only to experience relapse. Then, in the face of what you thought was failure, asked yourself why?

There’s a horrible prejudice against the word “rehab.” At Discovery Place, we know why. We’ve heard it on the phone with family members a thousand times. They all say the same thing, “Our loved one went to treatment, and it didn’t work.”

Why don’t traditional drug rehab centers work?

Did you know that almost all addiction treatment programs rely exclusively on counseling and therapeutic approaches? Many claim “cutting-edge techniques” or “evidence-based methods.” These fancy words give you the impression that the program has some secret. Guess what? They don’t.

Many people with substance abuse disorders only try psychiatric and therapeutic approaches, which leads to relapse.

You can relax because you’ve found Discovery Place. A facility that is not a traditional addiction treatment center. And that’s a good thing.

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The quote below is from one of the most trusted, authoritative websites in the world – Wikipedia.

“These approaches (12 step programs) have met considerable amounts of criticism, coming from opponents who disapprove of the spiritual-religious orientation on both psychological and legal grounds. Nonetheless, despite this criticism, outcome studies have revealed that affiliation with twelve-step programs predicts abstinence success at 1-year follow-up for alcoholism."

Since you can’t make a statement like this on Wikipedia without research, the article cites a study. This study was very large and comprehensive. Here is a direct quote from the study’s conclusion.

"Casemix-adjusted 1-year outcomes showed that patients in 12-Step programs were the most likely to be abstinent, free of substance abuse problems, and employed at the 1-year follow-up." Read more about the alcoholism and addiction study.

Maybe you're saying, "Okay, that's one study. Anyone can cite one study. Are there more?" The answer is an emphatic yes! In the most comprehensive study ever conducted on long-term sobriety, Project MATCH, outcomes supported the effectiveness of 12 step programs. There was also the outcome study conducted on 12 step programs published in the Textbook of Substance Abuse Treatment.

If you are interested in the services provided by a drug rehab center, you have probably read about different addiction treatment programs. How many of those programs directly cite research in their program’s description?

The answer is probably none. Which is why Discovery Place takes great pride in being the exception to the rule. When we claim our program incorporates evidenced-based methods, we prove it.

What makes Discovery Place different?

We believe modern addiction treatment fails for several reasons. First, most facilities exist to generate profit. Our staff feels that mixing money and recovery is not in the best interest of a person desperate to find genuine examples of authentic recovery. That’s why our organization is nonprofit with no commissioned staff.

Second, we believe addiction treatment centers do not dedicate themselves to the patient. Sure, 30 days is a good start. But authentic recovery evolves over time, not in a month. Most facilities recommend sober-living houses upon completion of the program. Yet to continue treatment and further recovery, facilities charge patients ludicrous amounts of money for outpatient programs.We do not know of any alcohol and drug rehab center that offers aftercare for free. To set a new benchmark in substance abuse recovery services, Discovery Place offers free aftercare. That's right. Completely free aftercare.

All Discovery Place alumni can participate in our aftercare program, free of charge, upon completion. That means seven days a week, our doors are open to alumni. And if one of our alums start struggling, they can call us before drinking or using. When they do, we’ll tell them to come stay on campus overnight with us for up to one week. How much do we charge for that dedication? Nothing. Our Renewal Program is free of charge for all Discovery Place alumni. It's our way of demonstrating to our alumni that we embody the spirit of authentic recovery. 

 Addiction recovery at Discovery

Third, we believe addiction treatment centers fail to thoroughly introduce patients to a healthy 12 step program of recovery. Even worse, there’s no integration of the patient into the 12 step community. That’s a shame because having sober friends is critical to sustained sobriety.

Discovery Place walks all of our guests with compassion and leadership through the 12 steps in our 30 day program. We employ an extensive network of volunteers with long-term sobriety to usher our guests into the recovery community. These volunteers serve as mentors – lighthouses to illuminate the road to redemptive substance abuse recovery.

Finally, we strongly oppose large, for-profit treatment centers. We call it Walmart-style addiction treatment. Good for the pockets of those that own these facilities, bad for the patients who go there. That’s why Discovery Place is a small recovery center. We feel there’s an element of genuine personal connection missing from modern addiction treatment centers. It's also why we offer one of the nation's best recovery programs for a fraction of the cost of traditional alcohol and drug rehab centers.


Time to take action against alcoholism and addiction

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The only time you can change your circumstances is now. Which is why Discovery Place encourages you to call our admissions staff. Our friendly, caring staff work tirelessly to ensure your loved one arrives safe to one of the best programs in the nation.

Nashville offers one of the best cities in the world to get sober. According to Forbes magazines, Nashville is one of the top 5 cities to live in the world. Our economy is sound. Job opportunities abound. Did we mention Nashville is also one of the top cities for sobriety in the nation?

Don’t let excuses keep you for experiencing the miracle of recovery at Discovery. Make the call today, and find out why Discovery Place isn’t your traditional addiction treatment center. Our evidence-based program produces results. 61% of alumni consistently report sobriety in their first year after graduating Discovery Place’s world-class program.

Why wait? Don’t you or your loved one deserve a good life?

The best chance for sustained recovery rests with Discovery. And that’s why, at Discovery Place, we say recovery begins with Discovery.

Watch our testimonials. Read our reviews on Google and Facebook. There isn’t a single negative review. Why? Because our program works. Need more evidence? Ask to talk to some of our alumni when you call our toll-free admissions line.

Pick up the phone and call us. We’ll listen. We’ll care. And we’ll change together for the better, one day at a time.