Recovery Guides

Our Twelve Step program Recovery Guides are alcoholics and addicts with quality sobriety. Our Recovery Guides have themselves experienced the nightmare of addiction and the miracle of recovery. Thanks to their own personal histories, these uniquely qualified men have the ability to share their experience, strength, and hope with our guests in an intensely personal, highly effective manner. At Discovery Place, guests enjoy far more one-on-one attention from Recovery Guides than they would otherwise receive in larger, more conventional treatment centers. There is at least one Recovery Guide for every six men.

 Lead Recovery Guide Matt Koon

When it comes to learning and adopting the fundamentals of recovery, it's quite clear that smaller groups are more effective than larger ones. In part at least, our Recovery Guides help produce such positive results because they have the time to provide each guest with the individual attention he deserves. To contact one of our Recovery Guides directly, see the staff page or call Discovery Place at 1.800.725.0922.

Management Team

Discovery Place is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in keeping with our goal to minimize administrative costs. Members of our management team are accessible to our guests and their families. Our four key managers all have significant experience in their respective fields of expertise. Members of our management team have received management training from the Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM) and regularly participate in training programs on an ongoing basis. Just as importantly, our management team is accessible to our guests and their families. Our management team received the 2011 Marvin Runyon Leadership Award from the CNM. This award recognizes excellence in nonprofit management.

 Fellowship Night at Discovery Place

To contact a member of the Discovery Place management team directly, see the staff page or call Discovery Place at 1.800.725.0922. Our local number for Middle Tennessee is 615.740.8600.

Board of Directors

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our board of directors and advisors serve on a voluntary basis. If you would like to contact a member of our board directly, please e-mail us.

 Executive Directory Andy James

about discovery place facilities


Our seventeen-acre recovery retreat is located in Burns, Tennessee. Our seven-acre Long-Term Recovery facility is conveniently located nearby in Dickson, Tennessee. Both rehab facilities are located just outside greater metropolitan Nashville. Discovery Place is small, intimate, and peaceful: a place for guests to reflect, reconsider, and redirect their lives. Guests find the conditions here help create an excellent environment for the inner work that's an integral part of the addiction recovery process. The food is excellent and our facilities are clean, simple, and straightforward. We have a volleyball court, pool table, and exercise equipment - but not a gymnasium. We have a horseshoe pit - but no equine therapy.

Discovery Place is for men who seriously want to stop drinking and using drugs; with recovery as our focus, guests won't find unwelcome or unneeded distractions here. The accommodations are safe, comfortable, warm, and inviting. Our guests often let us know that Discovery Place provides just the right backdrop for men who are intent on getting sober and staying sober.