Coping and Strategy Tips for Talking About Opioid Addiction

When someone special in your life is struggling with addiction, it's hard to watch them suffer. However, many individuals are fearful of confronting their friend or family member because of the way they might react. It's understandable. A lot is riding on a successful outcome, but we don't want you to feel alone in this situation. There are a few common concerns most people face when approaching someone they love about addiction. We've outlined some of the questions many people ask and have provided coping strategies to overcome them.

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How Do You Become Addicted To Prescription Painkillers?

It didn’t begin with a sports injury or from rummaging through someone’s medicine
cabinet. There was no root canal gone wrong or a fall from a ladder. For Brett O., a recovering
addict and Discovery Place alum, using prescription painkillers was, initially, purely
recreational. They were an add-on or supplement to some other mood-altering substance.

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Addiction Recovery: When the New Wears Off

Pink clouds should be ridden as long as possible. I never want to deter a man early in his sobriety from experiencing the joy, excitement, elation, and serenity that comes with that first and most wonderful new-found contact with both Alcoholics Anonymous and his concept of a Power greater than himself. But pink clouds don’t last.

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