In the corporate, for-profit drug rehab industry, it is standard to receive service from a high commission based representative. These admissions and outreach staff may not provide the objective information that a non-commission based admissions and outreach staff.

Think of it as donations to politicians. There’s a reason people donate to political campaigns. And a reason Congress has sought to minimize the amount of money any one individual or corporation donates. Money tends to affect judgment and outcomes.

It’s no different in the big business addiction treatment world. That’s why our substance abuse recovery expert, Bill Dinker, works without commission. This allows him to match you or your loved one with the absolute best treatment fit in the United States, whether that’s Discovery Place or another highly qualified facility.

You can schedule calls with a nationally-recognized substance abuse recovery expert. What other center offers you a resource like this?

Bill guides you through an initial series of questions designed to give him insight into you or your loved one’s unique circumstances. He experienced the hell of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, opiate and heroin addiction. Chronic cases of substance abuse present extraordinarily difficult challenges. Would you rather speak with an expert, or just another poorly trained drug rehab admissions employee?

Mr. Dinker is a regular guest on Huffington Post Live’s addiction recovery specials, including appearances on Dying to Be Free and How Heroin Is Changing the Way We Talk About Drugs.

He began his journey to sobriety in Discovery Place’s 30-day drug and alcohol recovery program. After completion of the 30-day program, he transitioned to the long-term program for 60 days. After commencement from our programs, Bill entered transitional recovery by going to sober-living for 3 months and took advantage of our free continuing care during his time in sober-living.

In his role as Director of Admissions at Discovery Place, Bill oversees a staff of 3 admissions employees. When Bill began working in the admissions department, he immediately realized many centers lacked admissions counselors with any type of in-depth training. Some even lacked experience with addiction recovery, while others employed strong-handed sales tactics.

In an effort to institute ethics, expert level knowledge and industry-leading methods, Bill adopted assessment criteria from several university assessment research studies. He also mandated that all new admissions employees receive months of training prior to taking a phone call. And finally, Bill read through thousands of pages of the latest substance abuse disorder research.

The result is a drug and alcohol recover center that continues to hear this from people calling our facility, “I’ve called 5 or 6 other centers, and I did not experience a phone call like this.” Clients are relieved to hear compassion in our voices, care in our words and knowledge in our thoughts.

Unlike many corporate drug rehab center networks, we’re concerned with your long-term outcome first. Most for-profit treatment businesses focus priority on placing you or your loved one in one of the many facilities in their addiction treatment network. These big business centers want to admit you first and figure out a plan for long-term recovery later.

At Discovery Place, we’ve instituted a lengthy family assessment to determine family dynamics, mental health, physical health and substance abuse history. We begin immediately counseling family to take an approach that nurtures change. Finally, if you or your loved one are a good fit, we admit.

You can count on one thing. We won’t stop talking to you until you or your loved one is in a program. Discovery Place admissions staff can do this because we don’t work on commission. We work on compassion.

Whether that’s Discovery Place or another appropriate candidate, all we care about is that you get help.

There’s a lot of fear and anxiety that accompanies a phone call to a treatment center. So we want to give you only the best. Call now and schedule an absolutely FREE consultation with Bill today.

Start the process. Let us know you’re ready for recovery. And learn why recovery begins with Discovery.