Between Discovery Place Inc. & Guest

I, _________________________________________, hereby understand and agree to the following:

1. I am applying to be a guest of Discovery Place Inc. (hereinafter called Discovery Place) a Spiritual Retreat,
established for men only, as a place to reside while confronting issues relating to abnormal, excessive or addictive
use of alcohol and or drugs.
2. I am applying under my own free will and volition. I fully understand that Discovery Place is neither a treatment nor a rehabilitative facility in any accepted sense, that it offers no detoxification program and maintains no medical staff. I understand further that on or prior to admittance I must fully disclose any and all medical conditions, dietary requirements and other information pertinent to my health and wellbeing, as well as other reasonably requested information to the staff of Discovery Place. I undertake to surrender any and all medication, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs to the staff for administration in accordance with prescribed instructions. During my stay I will not self-administer any of the afore-mentioned drugs.
3. It will be explained to me that I may suffer from a fatal, addictive disease that has been affecting my body, my mind and my spirit. It will be further explained to me that many men have recovered from the conditions under which I may suffer, through a course of Spiritual development and growth that is offered by the program of Alcoholics Anonymous and that is fully outlined in the literature published by that organization. I understand that recovery, in the accepted sense, from this chronic disease is based upon my willingness to accept a Spiritual alternative to my previous destructive behaviors and that Discovery Place has offered to assist and guide me through the initial steps of developing a means of living free of alcohol and/or other mind or mood-altering drugs.
4. I understand that Discovery Place provides no clinical and/or counseling services, e.g. assessment, individual or group counseling and is not a replacement for a clinical or therapeutic experience.
5. No warranties nor promises have been made to me by the staff or Discovery Place other than the firm commitment that my honest and open-minded willingness to grow spiritually within the program of recovery offered here can allow me to overcome the destructive obsession to abuse alcohol and/or drugs and to live a contented and useful life.
6. Discovery Place adheres closely to the Alcoholics Anonymous tradition of anonymity. I am obliged to maintain anonymity and privacy of my fellow guests. Who you see here, what you hear here, let it stay here.
7. Discovery Place may provide transportation services to me, e.g. outside AA meetings and AA related functions). As a guest I assume responsibility for liability en route to/from, to the full extent of the law.
8. If Discovery Place has to make arrangements for me to get to an outside appointment, e.g. doctor or court; I understand that there will be an additional charge per appointment.
9. Discovery Place has no responsibility for any personal injury (mental or physical) which may be received by participation in sports, controlled exercise, or other recreational activities, or from participation in any activities of a guest at Discovery Place and I agree to assume such responsibility to the full extent allowed by the law.
10. I understand that Discovery Place has the right to search any vehicle that I may have brought to the property. I agree to allow a search of my automobile and my personal belongings at the discretion of Discovery Place. I further understand that Discovery Place reserves the right to search any vehicle which is on its property at any time.
11. I have paid in advance, or made separate arrangements fully acceptable to Discovery Place to pay $5,800.00 for each 30 days that I intend to participate in Discovery Place’s programs. By doing so, I have made a commitment to participate in the above indicated programs and to abide by the rules embodied in those programs. The rules have been provided to me. I fully understand that if I leave the program or Discovery Place early, against staff advice, or am asked to leave because of repeated failure to adhere to the rules of the program, any fee which I have paid is non-refundable subject to the terms stated in paragraph 12.
I further understand that I may not re-enter the program under any circumstances for a period of 30 days after leaving. I have up to one year from date of leaving to re-apply, and with the approval of Discovery Place, complete the program.

12. If a responsible party who has signed for a guest under this contract prepays for Extended Care, Discovery Place will
consider a refund if that guest leaves of his own decision or is asked to leave by the staff. The refund, if made, will be
based on 30 day increments (no pro-rating will be considered) and $1,000.00 will be retained by Discovery Place.
Guests who have paid for their stay themselves will not be considered for a refund. If a guest must leave for medical
reasons and has been approved through our Health Care Coordinator to do so then that guest will be considered for
a refund as if he were a responsible party. Refunds will be made within 90 days after the guest has left the program.

13. By co-signing this agreement as “Responsible Party”, I accept responsibility to the full extent of the law for payment
of the above fee, and for any other expenses incurred in connection with this agreement. I have read and
understand the agreement in its entirety and I accept and agree to the foregoing.