Discovery Place offers an incredible array of inpatient medical detox partners, especially for alcohol. It is absolutely essential to detox in a medical facility, like a hospital or licensed inpatient facility. Alcohol withdrawals vary in severity, but they can be life-threatening. If you or a loved one require detoxification services, please call us today before you try to stop abusing alcoholic beverages “cold turkey.”

The Benefits of Calling Discovery Place for Alcohol Detox

Discovery Place is not limited to one particular facility for alcohol detox. Instead, we rely on an extensive network of highly qualified, licensed partners. We can offer you the services of hospitals, treatment centers and other qualified professionals to facilitate a safe transition to sobriety.

Our qualified detoxification facilities accept a wide variety of medical insurance. Whether you have state, federal, military or private insurance, we can help you find a facility that will accept your coverage.

In the event your insurance provider does not cover an inpatient alcohol detox, we can find you the most affordable, licensed center to ensure your health and well-being during alcohol withdrawals. We even know partner organizations in our network with scholarship beds available, so you may be able to undergo alcohol detox for free.

Transition from Alcohol Detox

You or your loved one should not choose to detox without plans to attend a reputable, residential recovery program. Sustained sobriety statistics are poor for people who choose to undergo alcohol detox without a complementary treatment program.

Discovery Place can offer an incredible residential recovery program for a fraction of the price of traditional inpatient treatment centers. And our reputation in the Middle Tennessee area is incredible because our alumni usually stay sober!

Don’t make the mistake of poor planning when you or someone you know decides to get sober. Give yourself or your loved one the best chance for a lifetime of freedom from beer and hard liquor. Call Discovery Place today for a free consultation with a non-commissioned, admissions specialist.

Help is a phone call away.

Learn More about Our Residential Programs

Our admissions staff has experienced severe withdrawals from alcohol and narcotics. They understand what you or your loved one must do to begin the healing process. The links below offer an in-depth look at our program and facilities.

30-day recovery program

Long-term recovery program (60 to 90 days)

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