How do you know whether Discovery Place offers reputable alcohol treatment programs?

Don’t take our word for it. When award-winning sober blogger Bill Webb wrote about Discovery Place he said, “Since I have contacts in the Nashville area I was able to reach out and learn that DP (Discovery Place) is well-regarded in the recovery community, and so I figured I’d make this exception to my rule.”

Bill Webb had a rule. He never writes about treatment centers. Here’s a man with an award-winning blog and long-term sobriety making an exception to his rule.

And that’s what Discovery Place is. An exception to the rule. We offer programs that have given us a very good reputation in the sober community. If you want to find out what alcohol treatment program gives you or your loved one the best chance at sustained sobriety, talk to someone in recovery. If you live in or near Tennessee, chances are they will tell you about Discovery Place.

I can tell you, as a recovering alcoholic, it is rare for an alcohol rehab, like Discovery Place, to have a good reputation. Discovery Place has that reputation because our alumni get sober and stay sober.

Meet Discovery Place Alumni Bill D.

My name is Bill, and I’m an alcoholic. I checked into Discovery Place at the end of May in 2012. I had spent most of my adult life drinking to excess, squandering opportunities and causing my family heartache.

The picture below shows you what I looked like when I checked into Discovery Place (left) and what I look like today (right). But there’s so much more to recovery from alcoholism than just looking healthy. I have friends today whom I love dearly. I have a family I get to be a part of. I have a job I love, and a life with purpose.

The picture on the left shows me after I shaved off a big beard too. The guests affectionately called me the “unabomer” because I looked like I’d lived in the woods for years. I’d lost everything. I didn’t know who I was anymore. It’s a horrible place to be in life, but that’s where alcoholism took me.

I’d been trying to get sober for a long time. Discovery Place showed me the path to a new life, and I am forever grateful. Today, I get to give back to the facility as a member of the admissions team. If you call our toll-free admissions number, there’s a chance you will speak with me!

An Alcohol Treatment Program with Incredible Outcomes

Discovery Place offers highly effective, affordable alcohol rehabilitation services for those seeking freedom from a life of slavery to alcohol. Our residential recovery programs offer hope to the hopeless and love for those who have often stopped loving themselves.

In partnership with the Baptist Healing Trust, we have tracked the outcomes our programs produce. Our statistics are published openly on our website. They continue to demonstrate Discovery Place as one of the premier alcohol treatment programs in the nation. In fact, 61% of our alumni report sobriety one year after leaving Discovery Place. Our alcohol treatment program is so special, many of our alumni return to campus months or years after graduation to volunteer their time. They help group leaders in step groups and mentor our guests on property.

More Reasons to Love Discovery Place

Discovery Place is also a non-profit organization with no commissioned staff. No member of our staff owns a recovery-related business, such as a sober-living house. You can be assured we are an organization operating with the right motives. Staff work at Discovery Place because they love recovery and helping guests find a path to happy, useful lives. The generous donations of major non-profit organizations and friends of Discovery Place allow us to offer our 30-day residential program for a price many families can afford. We offer interest-free financing for qualified applicants, and we also have partial scholarships available for guests with demonstrated financial need.

Discovery Place is not an alcohol rehab program in the traditional sense of the word. We are, instead, a recovery retreat that introduces guests to a new way of life through 12 step principles. We operate under the original recovery formula of one alcoholic helping another to stay sober. Our alcohol treatment programs can help even the most desperate people. We have 17 years of experience in all areas of alcoholism, from the college binge-drinker, to chronic DUI offenders and older, more progressed alcoholics.

Call today and let Discovery Place help save you or your loved ones life. The call is free and confidential. And it could make the difference between an early demise or a sober, fulfilling life! You may also fill out the contact form below to schedule a no-pressure, confidential admissions consultation.