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Opiate Detox - What Are My Options?

Here’s the thing about opiates… most people can’t stop taking the drug because of withdrawal symptoms. Imagine this scenario. You come down with a really bad case of the flu, some new wave Asian strain. Writhing in pain with fever and stomach issues, someone tells you it can all end if you take a pill or receive a shot.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

Addiction Help - Where to Turn for Recovery Support

Are you in need of guidance for a loved one struggling with addiction? Find out where to turn for recovery support in this insightful article from Bill Dinker.

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Addiction in the Waiting Room

Addiction in the Waiting Room - How to Go to the Doctor in Sobriety

Learn how to emerge from doctor's appointment with your recovery instead of with narcotic medication. 

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Signs of Addiction

Signs of Addiction and Drug Use

Learn the signs and symptoms of early drug and alcohol abuse from substance use expert Bill Dinker.

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ADHD and Addiction - What is the Risk?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, commonly referred to as ADHD, is a condition affecting millions of Americans, with thousands more people receiving the diagnosis every year. Both adults and children can be identified as having the mental disorder, which is characterized by qualities like being easily distracted, behaving impulsively without considering the consequences of one’s actions, and a general lack of focus on daily tasks.