Discovery Place is conveniently located 30 miles west of Nashville, TN on 17 beautiful acres of Tennessee farmland. Our facility is held in the highest regard by members of the Middle Tennessee sober community because we have a reputation for producing incredible outcomes. We became the first organization to be featured on Bill Webb's award-winning sobriety blog, due in part to this reputation. If you ask a member of the sober community in the Nashville area where to send a man who needs help with drug addiction, there's a very good chance they will recommend Discovery Place. We also offer a host of services for a fraction of the cost of traditional treatment, including free sober transportation to our residential recovery program

Discovery Place is a same-sex facility

Our main campus, home to our 30-day drug rehabilitation program, offers rehabilitation for men only. Our founders came from a co-ed facility and saw, firsthand, the problems these drug rehabilitation centers faced. In an effort to remove distractions, Discovery Place is a same-sex facility.

Discovery Place offers free rehabilitation services for Middle Tennessee residents

For Middle Tennessee residents enrolled in our program, we offer three services that distinguish us from other treatment centers.

  • Free sober transportation to our main campus
  • Our Renewal Program, which allows Discovery Place alumni to return to our main campus, free of charge for up to one week, provided they have not relapsed.
  • A member of our Admissions team will consult with you or your loved one at a location of your choosing in the Middle Tennessee area, free of charge.

Discovery Place offers the only comprehensive introduction to 12 step recovery in Middle Tennessee

Discovery Place is the only drug rehabilitation center in Tennessee that offers total 12 step-centered programs. You or your loved one will be guided through the 12 steps on our main campus with the direction and assistance of a community of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. Our staff and sober community volunteers possess hundreds of years of sobriety. This experience proves invaluable when shared with a man who desperately needs direction, hope and encouragement on the road to recovery.

Did you know that virtually every treatment center in Middle Tennessee strongly recommends 12 step programs to their patients upon graduation?

Unfortunately, many of these treatment centers claim to provide 12 step-centered programming. The reality is that most of these centers fail to adequately introduce, direct and navigate individuals within this framework. They might have patients go to a 12 step meeting once or twice a week, maybe a 12 step group here and there. Discovery Place, on the other hand, begins work with our men in 12 step literature from day 1. Our guests are guided through the steps. Our guests are introduced to sponsorship. Our guests attend 12 step meetings on a daily basis. When guests leave our program, they are prepared for a program of sustained sobriety. And 12 step programs are the only evidence-based method for sustained sobriety.

Discovery Place offers competitive prices as a nonprofit organization

In keeping with the spirit of recovery, Discovery Place is a nonprofit organization with no commissioned staff. All of our staff members are prohibited from owning any type of recovery-related side business, like a sober-living house. In our experience, we have found mixing money and recovery detrimental to the best interest of our guests. Sadly, many treatment centers have chosen to become for-profit companies. Even some nonprofit treatment centers in Nashville employ commissioned staff. Others have staff who own recovery-related side businesses.

At Discovery Place, we don't mix money and recovery. As a result, all of our programs are priced at much more affordable rates than other local treatment centers. 

Please call us today if you or a loved one is ready to get sober and stay sober. Our knowledgeable, non-commissioned staff is ready to assist you. And even if admission to one of Discovery Place's programs isn't possible, our Admissions team is more than happy to pick you or your loved one up and take them to a 12 step meeting. Call now for a free consultation. The call is confidential. Our help could make the difference between another drink or a drug, or a step in the right direction.