Opiate rehabilitation – the 1st step

Discovery Place offers affordable solutions for men in need of rehabilitation from opiate addiction. The first, and often most difficult, step towards sobriety from opiate-based pain medication is detoxification. This stage can be painful, and withdrawal symptoms are generally uncomfortable. We work with qualified medical professionals to coordinate detoxification at a fraction of the cost of traditional inpatient medical facilities.

A suboxone taper, in combination with other medications, allows you or your loved one to more comfortably undergo detoxification. And because this process occurs on our campus, as opposed to a hospital, we are able to offer it for substantially less than medical facilities. You or your loved one will also begin to participate in our recovery program, offering an edge over traditional detoxification programs that offer little/no recovery-related information.

For Discovery Place guests within a 500-mile radius of our facility, we offer free transportation to our main campus by a sober member of our admissions staff. For guests arriving via airplane, we offer free airport pick-up by admissions staff. We offer these services at no additional cost for two reasons:

1. Admissions for opiate addiction are time-sensitive, meaning there is usually a narrow window where the man is willing to accept help for an opiate problem. To address this issue, Discovery Place began to offer free transportation to our facility for guests our home state and neighboring states.

2. Discovery Place wants family to rest knowing their loved one is in our care when they arrive at the airport. Our admissions staff has extensive experience providing sober transportation. We want you or your loved one in good hands.

Opiate rehabilitation – the 2nd step

Once you or your loved one completes detoxification, Discovery Place staff and volunteers work to provide an introduction to recovery that is second to none. Perhaps that is why we are the only organization featured on Bill Webb’s award-winning sober blog. Our reputation was built on years of excellent outcomes. And that reputation convinced Bill Webb to feature our facility.

Why do we have this reputation? It’s simple… our program works! We introduce men to a sober way of life through three areas of focus: recovery, community and service. Our founders recognized, with much concern, a lack of 12 step involvement in modern treatment centers. What they saw were men being treated then told to get involved in 12 step fellowships. Unfortunately, there was little/no introduction to these fellowships.

At Discovery Place, you or your loved one will be introduced to the 12 steps in dynamic and engaging ways. Our staff and volunteers possess hundreds of years of quality recovery. They work diligently to pass along this gift to your loved one. We do this through:

  • Small step study groups
  • One-on-one sessions with guides
  • Daily in-house and outside 12 step meetings
  • Volunteer participation to facilitate transition into a 12 step fellowship upon commencement
  • Navigating guests through the 12 steps as directed in the literature
  • Recovery guest speakers, some of whom have spoken professionally as recovery speakers
  • Community-building activities like beach volleyball, fellowship night and bonfire meetings

The results are profound. Lives are changed. Relationships are restored. The gift of recovery holds the power to change even the most difficult cases of opiate addiction.

Opiate Rehabilitation – 3rd Step

Our care and concern for a guest doesn’t stop when they graduate from one of our programs. In an effort to ensure sustained sobriety, Discovery Place guests work with staff to produce a continuing care plan. This plan coordinates a meeting schedule and outlines their commitments to recovery from opiate addiction. With contacts in the recovery community across the United States, our staff will also help guests find a sponsorship or appropriate sober-living arrangements.

Many men suffering from opiate addiction choose to stay longer than 30 days. Though our 30-day program is enough for some, the physical consequences of opiate abuse are severe. For a lot of men, this requires a long-term approach to ensure biological and mental restoration. Some medical research even states a 90-day residential recovery program is the minimum amount of time necessary for a successful outcome.

As a result, Discovery Place offers 60-day and 90-day opiate rehabilitation programs on our long-term program campus. These programs, administered on our sister campus, offer a more intimate, personal setting. They provide the opportunity for men to mentor new guests on our main campus. Our long-term program also introduces men to recovery by involving them in outside service projects, showing them how service gives purpose to life. 

This video below was filmed unscripted and features head long-term program guide Nick Bullock. In this short video, Nick opens up about his experience getting sober from opiates and other drugs at Discovery Place.

Opiate Rehabiliation – What to do now?

If you or someone you know needs help and suffers needlessly from opiate addiction, please call our toll-free admissions number today. The call is free. The consultation is free. And we can offer valuable information that you may not otherwise receive from another facility because our admissions staff does not work on commission. Call today or fill out the contact form below and let us help you or a loved one chart a new path on the road to recovery!

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