Discovery Place understands that drug detox can be an uncomfortable, although necessary, first step on the path to sobriety. Withdrawal symptoms experienced can include all or some of the following:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Irritability
  • Feverish symptoms (the body experiences the “sweats”, extreme sensations of hot and cold)
  • Vomiting
  • Restless legs
  • Loss of focus
  • Insomnia

Opiate Detox Process at Discovery Place

Discovery Place offers enrolled guests with opiate dependence a viable, affordable alternative to traditional inpatient opiate detox. Through the services of a highly qualified medical professional, our guests are given the opportunity to undergo a “walking detox” in a safe, serene environment.

A walking detox offers all the benefits of a traditional opiate detox. This is how the process works:

1.  Future guest and family coordinate with the Discovery Place admissions team to set a date for admission and opiate detox consultation.

2.  Guest is admitted and must wait 24 hours on campus prior to consultation with opiate detox doctor. This waiting period is required, as immediate administration of detox medications without 24 hours of confirmed abstinence can place the guest in immediate, acute opiate withdrawals.

3.  After 24 hours of confirmed abstinence, the guest is transported to receive treatment for opiate withdrawals by one of the professionals in our medical community partner network.

4.  The guest receives treatment in-office by the medical professional for opiate withdrawal in addition to a taper regimen given over the course of 1 to 2 weeks while on campus at Discovery Place. The guest may also be prescribed additional medications to treat anticipated symptoms.

Walking Detox Offers the Best Chance for Success

A walking detox allows our guests to begin a recovery program while they undergo opiate detox. Throughout the process, these new guests will receive the full support and encouragement of staff, volunteers and senior Discovery Place guests. The combination of peaceful, residential settings, supportive staff and appropriate medication offers our opiate dependent guests the best chance for success.

Virtually every Discovery Place guest successfully completes this program and goes on to finish their 30-day recovery program. Our process incorporates all of the best practices available today, and that’s why Discovery Place is known for incredible outcomes.

Other Drug Dependence Detox (Benzodiazepine, Alcohol)

Discovery Place has an extensive network of qualified detox partners. For virtually any insurance plan, we can find a licensed facility to help you during this difficult stage of recovery. 

Withdrawals from alcohol and benzodiazepine can be life-threatening, so please do not try to detox at-home. It is best to detox from these substances with proper medication under the supervision of medical staff.

Other Narcotic Detox (Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, etc)

Thought many people report experiencing withdrawal sypmtoms from these narcotics, there is currently no available medication for marijuana detox, cocaine detox or methamphetamine detox. 

At-home detox from these substances has a very high rate of failure. Call Discovery Place to begin the recovery process. It is easier to withdraw from these narcotics in a safe, compassionate environment with understanding staff and guests.

Start the healing and call today for a free consultation or schedule a phone call with our admissions staff on the contact form below.

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