Help Another Man Find Recovery!

Volunteers are crucially important to Discovery Place.

Approximately 80% of our operating cost is covered by the fees we charge our guests. Without the help of volunteers and donors, many deserving men and families who need financial assistance would not be able to attend Discovery Place.

In 2010, volunteers contributed 8,778 hours of their time which reduced our costs by an estimated $161,247. This cost reduction provided the funds for over 50 men to attend Discovery Place.

Our volunteer ranks include sober alumni, other members of the recovery community, community service volunteers and professionals. Discovery Place invites recovering men and women, especially our own alumni, to volunteer at a level appropriate to schedule, skills and length and quality of sobriety. Many Discovery Place alumni find incredible benefits, both personal and professional, by giving back to the DP community. 

Volunteers are needed for a wide variety of activities to support the Burns, Dickson and Nashville, Tennessee locations. Some of these activities are done as groups, while others can be done from home. Most volunteer assignments will require only 2-4 hours of your time. If you prefer a regularly scheduled ongoing committment, we will be happy to accomodate. If you want to help us carry the message of recovery, please fill out our volunteer questionnaire or contact Volunteer Coordinator Patrick Custer.

Volunteer Opportunities Available

  • Switchboard/Reception
  • Drivers
  • Cooks
  • Direct Mail Campaign Volunteers
  • Continuing Care Callers
  • Website Bloggers
  • Social Media Networkers
  • 12 Step Article Authors
  • In House 12 Step Meeting Leaders
  • Professional Photographers
  • Professional Graphic Artists
  • Professional Public Relations/Publicity managers
  • Professional tradesmen (plumbers, electricians, masons, painters, landscapers)
  • Experienced technical support persons
  • Experienced grant writers
  • Experienced fund raisers
  • Experienced event planners

Your help is needed and very much appreciated!