Long-term alcohol and drug rehabilitation gives you or your loved one the best chance to succeed on the road to recovery. But you want to ensure the facility you choose is reputable. Discovery Place is Middle Tennessee's most reputable facility for men seeking freedom from drug addiction and alcoholism. Ask anyone in the sober community in the Middle Tennessee area where to send a men who wants to get sober, and there's an excellent chance they will tell you about Discovery Place.

Long-Term Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs for Men

Discovery Place offers 60-day and 90-day residential recovery programs for men. Since 1997, we have built a reputation for bringing about the miracle of recovery with an incredibly powerful program. Our staff, almost all of whom are in recovery, possess hundreds of collective years of sobriety.

When someone is struck with an illness, they go to the doctor. When someone wants to get sober, they go to someone with a proven track record of sobriety. And that's exactly what Discovery Place can claim. Due in part to our reputation, we were awarded a grant from the Baptist Healing Trust to track our success (also known as outcomes) using a rigorous set of medically suggested criteria. The results? From the years 2009-2011, 61% of our alumni reported that they were sober one year after leaving Discovery Place. 

No other long-term rehab center in the nation can legitimately claim this kind of sucess. Our residential recovery programs work for one simple reason: we employ a unique model to comfortably transition men into a sober community through the only evidence-based method for sustained sobriety - the 12 steps. 

Potential long-term rehab guests are strongly advised to get away from their hometown. By creating healthy space from an unhealthy life, potential Discovery Place guests give themselves the best chance for sucess. As the sober community says, "...change your playmates, playgrounds and playthings."

Many Treatment Centers Claim to be 12 Step-Based...

But at Discovery Place, we are the real deal. Our collection of compassionate staff and sober community volunteers work with each guest to guide them through the 12 steps of recovery. We utilize directions from the original 12 step manual, Alcoholics Anonymous. The results are truly dramatic. Our staff watches as the trauma and turmoil caused by years of substance abuse is lifted away. Relationships are restored. Lives are reclaimed. Purpose is found.

Discovery Place also facilitates a transition into the Middle Tennessee sober community, a process vital to sustained sobriety. Our extensive network of sober community volunteers share experience, guidance and advice on how to succeed in a 12 step fellowship. And when you combine an electric introduction to 12 step recovery with a smooth transition into 12 step fellowships, you get a powerful recipe for sustained sobriety.

Long-Term Program Model

Our program model starts with 30-days on our main campus, conveniently located outside of Nashville, TN. In addition to Nashville offering one of the best sober communities in America, it also claims top 5 city in the world status, according to Forbes Magazine. The first 30-days of our program allow a guest to begin the 12 step process, establish relationships with staff, volunteers, alumni and fellow guests, and begin the healing process.

The next 30-days or 60-days is spend on our sister campus located in Dickson, TN. The long-term program house is a quiet setting on spacious Tennessee land, accomodating a maximum of 6 men. Staff stays with the guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This program is designed to facilitate a transition back into the real world, and guests in the long-term program receive the opportunity to mentor Discovery Place's newest guests.

Why Discovery Place?

Don't take our word for it. Award-winning sober blogger Bill Webb never writes about a drug and alcohol rehab center, but he made an exception for Discovery Place because of our phenomenal reputation for excellence in Tennessee.

Here's a quote directly for his article, "Since I have contacts in the Nashville area I was able to reach out and learn that DP (Discovery Place) is well-regarded in the recovery community, and so I figured I’d make this exception to my rule (his rule being that he never writes about treatment centers)."

We have this reputation because our program model produces successful outcomes.

Here's what's also included in our long-term rehab program cost:

  • Free Continuing Care Program (Discovery Place alumni receive regular follow-up phone calls to offer guidance and encouragement)
  • Free Renewal Program (Any Discovery Place alumni who hasn't relapsed can return to campus and participate in the program, free of charge, for up to 7 days)
  • Free Sober Transportation (Any long-term program guest will receive free transportation to our facility if they live within 500 miles of our facility)
  • Volunteer Program (Any long-term program alumni can return to our facility and assist new guests, provided they haven't relapsed)

Here are two videos, one from Discovery Place alum and head long-term program guide Nick Bullock and one from our nonprofit partner, Shae Foundation, which seeks to capture the essence of Discovery Place. We encourage you to call one of our non-commissioned admissions coordinators today. Start the healing process, and let Discovery Place give you or your loved one the best chance for freedom from addiction!