Discovery Place Facebook Reviews

Unfortunately, many treatment centers create lots of fake reviews. These are easily spotted when the account writing the review has little/no history of activity. Fortunately, all of our reviews on our Facebook page are certified real. You can even reach out to them on Facebook to see for yourself. These reviews were written by alumni, families and friends of alumni and alumni-employees.

 Recovery Center Facebook Reviews

Discovery Place's Review on The Fix

The Fix is one of the leading addiction recovery websites. It is widely recognized for possessing the highest quality and most diverse information on substance abuse. The Fix also demonstrates integrity by not allowing treatment centers to influence, buy or alter their "Rehab Review." And it is notoriously difficult to secure a good review from The Fix. Any well-reviewed addiction treatment center on this website should be considered a program of the highest quality.

 Drug Treatment Center Reviews

Discovery Place Alumni in the News

Tennessean Articles About Our Alumni

Several of our alums demonstrated the courage to speak openly about their struggle with substance abuse in the press. The Tennessean is Nashville's premier newspaper, and three of our alums (Philip L, video story above, Rob B and Donnie N, link to stories below) had their stories featured. 

Discovery Alum Bill D with Mom

Discovery Alumni and Admissions Staff Bill D, Nick B and Ben C

For all of these men and their families, Recovery begins with Discovery.